The bottom line is that not all superabrasive products are created equal and neither are all superabrasive product manufacturers.  Just as superior raw materials and premium diamond/CBN have a significant impact on productivity and performance, so does quality manufacturing and superior bonding technology.  NORTH JERSEY DIAMOND WHEEL’S team of specialists has over 60 years of combined experience in the manufacture, research and development of superabrasives products.  The NORTH JERSEY DIAMOND WHEEL team is dedicated to total quality management, as-promised deliveries, competitive prices and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Depending on the application, NORTH JERSEY DIAMOND WHEEL has the bond matrix to get the job done efficiently and at the lowest cost possible.  State-of-the-art bonding technology provides for the fast, free cutting of even the most difficult to machine materials. Our top notch bond matrixes are designed for maximum performance and long life which reduces production time and increases profits. 

Inside and out, NORTH JERSEY DIAMOND WHEEL delivers more for the money.  There simply is no single superabrasive manufacturer that can meet our standards of quality or measure up to our performance record.